FAQs & Guides

Question: How do I login to the University Learning Management System (LMS)?

Answer: You can login to the LMS using the student portal credentials, by default Registration Number is the Username and the ID number as the Password.

link https://lms.must.ac.ke


Questions: I don’t understand well how to go about online/virtual learning.

Answer: Find more information about access to the Learning Management System (LMS) Here https://www.must.ac.ke/guide-on-how-to-use-learning-management-system/. If you still have challenges write to lmssuport@must.ac.ke for assistance with Moodle and LMS related queries


Question: How can I contact LMS/ODEL office?

Answer: You can contact the Open Distance & ELearning (ODEL) via lmssuport@must.ac.ke for assistance with LMS (Learning Management System) and virtual learning related queries


Question: I have issues with my student email account, how can I get help?

Answer: Kindly write to webmaster@must.ac.ke for Student email related Queries.


Question: I am logged in to the LMS but I cannot see any unit’s reflection.

Answer: For you to be able to see units on the LMS, you must first register the units on the student portal. https://student.must.ac.ke/


Question: I forgot my e-learning portal password.

Answer: Click on the Reset password button, provide your correct registration number to reset your password.


Question: I cannot see any learning materials in the system.

Answer: All the learning materials are uploaded to the system by the lectures. Incase no materials available online, kindly contact that specific lecturer.


Question: I missed an online Assessment/CAT.

Answer: Incase you missed any CAT/Assessment by any chance, you should lias with your lecturer with a genuine reason why you missed then a makeup will be reset for you!


Question: How do I login to a virtual class using KENET web conference?

Answer: A link will be shared to you by your lecturer containing a password in it. Click on the link, the provide your official names and the password to login.